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Heroic Books is a publisher of Fantasy fiction, combining great stories with wonderful images. They represent writers and illustrators in a tradition manner and in other innovative ways.

Website: ​www.HeroicBooks.com
Facebook: ​@HeroicBooks
Instagram: @HeroicBooks
Twitter: @HeroicBooks
For any enquiries relating to submissions, please contact ​harriet@heroicbooks.com
For any enquiries relating to sales or marketing, please contact ​elliot@heroicbooks.com

In their own words…

When did you start publishing & what made you want to start an independent publisher?

Heroic Books was founded in 2020 in response to what we perceived to be a lack of opportunity for emerging authors in the genres of fantasy and science fiction. We want to develop the work of our authors beyond the page, harnessing the power of digital media such as film, TV, games and audiobooks, to share our authors’ stories as widely as possible, reach new audiences, and build a global network of Heroic fans and writers.

What genres do you specialise in?

We specialise in fantasy and science fiction, both of which lend themselves really well to our transmedia strategy. Working with illustrators, narrators, and other creatives, we aim to bring exciting new worlds to life through a variety of media, as well as ensuring that every novel we publish reaches its full potential.

Where are you based?

Heroic Books is based in Liverpool, UK, but has staff, board members and stakeholders based across the UK, the US and China.

Do you have a submission window, if so when?

We have an open call for submissions of fantasy and science fiction novels, and we are currently reading for our 2022 publishing schedule.

We are also currently seeking submissions of short stories for our forthcoming fantasy anthology, ​The Hero’s Journey​, which will feature both emerging authors and established voices from across the fantasy genre. This submissions window is open until Friday 14th May (this is a few years old now).

What is your submission procedure?

For our regular submissions window, details of how to submit can be found at www.heroicbooks.com/manuscript​. For short story submissions for ​The Hero’s Journey anthology, head to ​www.heroicbooks.com/herosjourney​.

Crucially, for each of these submissions windows, authors do not need to be represented by a literary agent to submit their manuscript for consideration.

Who are you?

Heroic Books was co-founded by Helen Blakeman and Chris Arnold, and is run by an experienced team of creatives and publishing professionals from across the country.

What was your background in the book industry before this venture?

Helen is a BAFTA and International Emmy award-winning writer and Chair of the BAFTA Children’s Committee, while Chris is an entrepreneur and businessman, having founded Camp Leaders, Smaller Earth and World Merit.

Despite not coming from book publishing backgrounds, Helen and Chris are both passionate about finding new, innovative ways of telling stories and pushing the boundaries of what traditional publishing can achieve.

Talk about some of your books if possible, upcoming, favourite?

We’ll be making announcements about our forthcoming titles very soon! In the meantime, to be the first to find out any news or announcements, keep an eye on our social channels and subscribe to our mailing list by following the link below: https://heroicbooks.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=2a593e3d49cdd245408be2e60&id=8 1520c41f4

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