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Founded in 2017, 3 of Cups Press is a small press, focusing on inclusive publishing. We share a vision for a more equal, more peaceful, more inclusive world and we are dedicated to providing a platform for voices otherwise unheard in the mainstream. We are a team of women and non-binary folk, and are disability-led.

Our first project is a series of anthologies, starting with On Anxiety, published in January 2018, and On Bodies, published in October 2018. Our third, On Relationships, is due to publish October 2019. These anthologies provide a platform for writers and artists and a starting point on how to tackle issues such as mental health, our relationships with our bodies, political activism and more.

We believe that art and literature can be activism. In pursuit of a more fair, more equal world, all of our contributors are paid for their work.

Their books are available for purchase in London at Burley Fisher Bookshop, the South London Gallery Bookshop, Pages of Hackney and the London Review Bookshop; in Edinburgh at Lighthouse Bookshop and Golden Hare Bookshop; in Bristol at Hydra Books or in their online shop.

Based in London, they can be contacted through these channels:

Website: 3ofcups.co.uk
Email: hello@3ofcups.co.uk

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