FCM and Chronos Publishing*

Two indies for the price of one, both owned by Taryn Johnston and based in Norwich. FCM Publishing is a non-fiction publisher specialising in non-fiction, whilst Chronos Publishing publishes fiction and life stories.

Website: www.fcmpublishing.co.uk
Website: www.chronospublishing.com
Twitter: @FCMTaryn @ChronosPublish
Instagram: @chronos_publishing
Facebook: @ChronosPublishing

In their own words…

When did you start publishing?

I started with FCM Publishing in 2014 and launched Chronos Publishing in 2019

What made you want to start an independent publisher?

I have always written and was actually published when I was 13 with a short story. I was asked if I would edit and proofread a novel and the company grew out of that.

What genres do you specialise in?

FCM Publishing specialises in non-fiction, primarily business books and also offers author services such as editing and formatting, Chronos Publishing is life stories and novels.

Where are you based?

We’re based in Lincoln.

Do you have a submission window, if so when?

Not a rigid one, although we don’t take submissions between November and January.

What is your submission procedure?

Chronos is a traditional publisher and therefore it’s a formal process of a printed, completed manuscript with synopsis and covering latter (SAE if you’d like it returned). FCM is less formal, I often chat to authors over email and will accept email submission of sample chapters.

Who are you (team photo if possible)?

I’m the main owner and I work with a team of editors, formatters and designers – all freelance.

What was your background in the book industry before this venture?

My background is marketing (I also have a marketing agency and teach at uni) but as I mentioned earlier, I have always written and proofread.

Talk about some of your books if possible, upcoming, favourite?

I have been really lucky to work with some incredible authors and had some amazing success. Bob Champion MBE, Grand National Jockey and cancer surviving legend would be up there. We launched his autobiography in 2018, at the Grand National in Aintree. Parveen Ashraf, TV Chef from ITVs Parveen’s Indian Kitchen, I helped her create her recipe book in 2017 and it was the book that helped showcase her talent and get her the TV show, aired last year. Her book is now being sold around the world. Both Bob & Parveen’s books helped me establish myself as a reputable indie publisher and as a result, I’ve been able to see titles on the shelves in a number of Waterstones including London, Liverpool & Leeds, as well as our hometown Lincoln. Having a really good relationship with Gardners has been amazing for us.

We have released a number of terrific novels including one which we hope is going to be turned into a movie (although I can’t say which yet!) so exciting times there but the catalogue includes dystopian future, sci fi, horror, thrillers, YA fantasy, family sagas and romcoms! In our business books, Be Useful by Jos Burton was a finalist in the Business Book of the Year 2018 and Rockstar Retirement was our first to be released as an audio book.

This year is looking very busy, I have co-written a business guide/memoire with Tony Robinson OBE and that’s being released this summer, which I’m really thrilled about, we have a couple of autobiographies, another business guide and four novels all due out this year!

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