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The A3 Press and Review
The A3 Press and Review
The A3 Press and Review

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I received a lovely little package from A3 Press a while back now full of chapbooks, lovely little essays and all presented so well, from the initial packaging all the way down to each individual book.

I love how these are presented and it’s great to have a beautiful, hand-crafted work to read amongst all the books, an experiment, an essay, a poem, take your pick and while away twenty minutes in peoples beautiful words/worlds.

The Unit

by Jason Jackson

Past, present and future of a working class psychogeography.

A place that has different meanings through time, that gradually decays through time, changes purpose and importance.

How we fabricate lives intermingled with truth and exaggeration, until we grow and forget the important geographies of our youth.

My New Car

by Alan Sincic
A magnificent green with the art work reminiscent of a children’s road mat, play and childhood combine with desire for a status symbol.

There is a hint of Marinetti and the Futurists to this text, the worship and fetishisation of a mechanical object, repetitive noises (words), the experimentation with word and sentence structure, and speed.

But there is a certain rot to this text that takes us past all that out to the other side of gross consumerism, familial break up due to obsession and fetishisation in a car culture.

Almost a beat poem.

the abyss of the other

by cecilia cavalieri
Poetry and art works combined in a beautiful A3 page, greys and neutral tones frame and support mother and child in their exploration of a grey square with an abyss crossing it.

Exploring, examining, reacting, feeling, the poetry reacts to the relationship between mother and daughter, pregnancy and society, childhood and limitations, beautifully stated, anger, hurt, confusion all spill out.

Realities and the expectations of others bear down, uneasiness and love intermingle.


by Solange Leon Iriarte
Words and art work, the black and white drawing and photographs echo the words that speak of food and hungers.

Exploring the relationship we have with food through a personal journey of getting to know intimately what she eats, drawing and exploring (consuming) before eating (once more consuming), Solange seeks to personalise the death of animals for our benefit once more, to step over that remove that industrial food production has created.

The depiction of food in art is also explored discussing the development away from naturalistic representation to abstract representation.

A great project which speaks a truth about our relationship with that which sustains our own life.


by Lena Ziegler
A maze of hopes and dreams, eighteen passages of desires and thoughts on a hand-crafted A3 fold-out page.

Each passage gives you a choice of where to go next, almost like an adventure but nowhere near as determined, there are loops and feedbacks which can often leave the reader going round in circles. It almost reminds me of those paper fortune tellers, which I think the art work alludes to.

Wonderful, dreamy, the prose pulls you into the world of this college girl and her thoughts on herself and relationships.

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