Next Steps and Patreon

Publishers MapThought I would pop a post on here to let everyone know what’s happening with the various websites and projects.

Currently my main focus is building a spreadsheet of information from the UK and Ireland independent publishers that I have listed on here, and some that are still on the reams of handwritten notes that I’ve been collecting since the start of these projects.

These bits of information include all the contact details and addresses that I’ve found, social media links, genres published, format published in, and any imprints.

With this information I’ll be producing a little information stub on this website with various ways of filtering that information. This will include expanding the use of the map to show publishers physical location. I’ll just be working through the list alphabetically and will get everyone on eventually.

I’m also going to collect this in a collated way. This will be in the form of an ebook/pdf that gets updated once a month and a physical book that would be updated once (or twice, still not made my mind up) a year.

There will still be opportunities for the publishers to input their own bit to these stubs, in either a #PublisherProfile post and/or a simple statement.

For the ebook/pdf and book I’m thinking of various channels of how to charge/fund this and Patreon has come to the top of my list with the possibility of two tiers. The first (lower) tier would get you access to the updated ebook/pdf on a monthly basis as long as you were a patron, the next (higher) tier would get you similar access but also the physical copy once a year for as long as you were a patron.

I also think that I should give people the opportunity to buy both the electronic and physical editions here on the site as a one-off purchase.

This is all still in development but I thought I would let you know what I’m getting on with in the background.

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You can always email me on with any suggestions.