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Another indie publisher that contacted me before the world went weird and my focus changed, but I’m back on track and this is the first in the new tranche of #PublisherProfile posts.

Three Hares Publishing is based in London and works with a broad range of writers that Yasmin is inspired by.

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Three Hares is run by Yasmin Kane, a literary agent. Three Hares is a an independent imprint with a big heart and an avant garde take on genres. The ethos behind Three Hares is to publish books which move the reader or are thought provoking. The mood bar came from the inspiration that choosing a book is often down to how you feel and not think, books are a direct connection to how we feel. So, what do you feel like reading today?

In their own words…

When did you start publishing?

Three Hares Publishing was launched in the Vanessa Bell* room at Charlotte Street Hotel and began publishing in May 2014 – although set up began two years prior to launching.

When I set up Three Hares, I had been working as an agent for 10 years, during that time I had three children, I did not take any maternity leave with my first two but by the third baby I took 2 years off and set up Three Hares – I thought I was taking time off!

From 2010 the traditional publishing model began to change with the advent of self publishing taking off. I felt the role of an agent would evolve into more of a managerial, an all encompassing, less rigid role. Running Three Hares has taught me so much, I now have a unique 360 view of publishing, not just from the viewpoint of an agent but also editor and publisher. Three Hares titles are published in paperback and print.

What genres do you specialise in?

Three Hares does not really specialise in genres as such, the USP is: ‘What do you feel like reading today?’ The website has a mood bar which helps you select titles. My reading has always been led by how I feel, it would seem I am not alone in my reading habits!

Where are you based?

Three Hares Publishing is based in London, United Kingdom

Do you have a submission window, if so when?

Submissions guidelines are available on the website.

What is your submission procedure?

Submissions are accepted online
First three chapters, synopsis and cover letter please.

Who are you (team photo if possible)?

Yasmin Kane

Yasmin Kane

I run Three Hares and outsource production such as book cover design, proofreading, copy editing, printing etc. It is the same as any publishing house but with everything outsourced rather than under one roof. The idea was to enable working mothers or anyone who wished to work remotely / on a freelance basis to be involved.

Background in the book industry?

I have a legal background, I moved into publishing and was so keen to be an agent, I took on work experience. I then searched for a job within agencies but the constant advice was that I work in rights in a publishing house – I knew I wanted to be an agent, a more creative, nurturing role, rather than work in rights. I followed my intuition and set up my own agency.

Talk about some of your books if possible?

Since launching commercial women’s fiction, fiction, YA and a Children’s title have been published at Three Hares. Last year I was thrilled to publish England’s Lane by Emma Woolf (great-niece of Virginia Woolf – *launch in the Vanessa Bell room seems auspicious now!) Emma’s novel came through the usual online submissions procedure. I read the novel and met Emma, we hit it off immediately and have had a wonderful working relationship which has spilled over into a great friendship.

England's Lane

England’s Lane

England’s Lane is a tale of betrayal, forgiveness, family and friendship, loss and redemption. A painful but powerful love story, it explores the cost of marital infidelity, the legacy of suicide and the healing power of love.

and future projects/dreams if you can?

For future publications, I am keen to acquire stories with huge universal themes which move you. I am very much in love with fairy tales, magical realism, proper story telling and am looking for authentic voices.

I would love to discover and publish the next One Thousand and One Nights!

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  1. I am trying to submit my manuscript, but every time i click on the links or even search it through google, it just comes up as a blank white screen. Can you please send me the link to submit, or an email address to submit to? thank you.

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