Starting again

Tunis Press

Tunis Press

On this website I’m going to concentrate on developing a directory of independent publishers, large and small, that are based in the UK and Ireland.

These will range from almost mainstream indies such as Canongate Press, to small presses producing handmade pamphlets such as A3 Press and Review.

I had started this website a couple of years back but a year into it I started to feel overwhelmed with the tasks I had given myself and put it onto an indefinite hiatus.

That hiatus is now over as I feel I’ve got a solid handle on all the projects I had set up and look at them in a far more realistic way now and see them as what they really are, something to have fun with.

If you are an independent publisher and want ot be involved in the Publisher Profile Feature please use the Contact form to get more details.

If you want to help and support this blog and my other projects (Indie Bookshops and Big Bearded Bookseller) you could become a Patreon which would help pay for my hosting, domain names, streaming services, and the occasional bag of popcorn to eat while watching films.

If you can’t support with a monthly subscription a tip at my Ko-Fi is always appreciated, as is buying things from my Ko-Fi Shop.

You can always email me on with any suggestions.